• Quick, Relevant,
    User Friendly

    MenuFriend provides easy-to-use filtering options to quickly identify which menu items match your food preferences and dietary restrictions. MenuFriend is the perfect companion for a person who is on a diet or has nutritional restrictions.

  • Saves you

    MenuFriend’s filters reduce the amount of items to choose from by eliminating items you don’t want, or can’t eat, which makes finding the perfect meal faster and easier than ever. And because you have access to all menus at any time, you can decide what to eat even BEFORE you get to the restaurant.

  • Eat

    Helps you make healthy food choices. Never search for nutritional information online again! We’ve gathered all the information for you and put it at your fingertips. All you need is to create a profile and let the app guide you to your customized menu.

A Customized Menu Built Just For You

Deciding what to eat is easier than ever with the MenuFriend app. Why stress when deciding what to eat? Why settle for the same thing everytime? Why guess if that meal is good for you or not? Instead of looking at a never ending menu hoping the perfect menu item will appear, choose MenuFriend. The mobile app that helps you find the foods you want to eat quicker.

Our Team

Team 1

Giusepe Burgos

Team 2

Andrew Romanyk

User Experience, Design, & Development
Team 1

Dale Ballenger

Director of Business Development

Team 2

Juan Rodriguez

Senior Software Engineer
Team 3

Julio Romani

Database Administrator
Team 3


App Development


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